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Anson is a professional trilingual emcee and voice talent in Hong Kong. He is also a youth trainer in communications, public speaking. Yet, he still treasures every chance to learn and improve. With the passion in youth education, he has never hesitated to pass on any acquired skills and knowledge to the next generation over the years.

Being borned and raised in a fast-paced, dynamic metropolis – Hong Kong, Anson has a growth mindset and willing to open new doors. Studying, exchanging, and travelling in more than 20 countries, he possesses a global vision and is able to quickly connect with people around the globe. Inspired by the renowned explorer, Dr. Rebecca Lee Lok Sze, MH, he truly believes that life is full of unlimited possibilities, and that the greatest failure is not to try. Attitude determines altitude – he aspires to inspire more youth to step out of their comfort zone, achieving personal goals and pursuing dreams.

With both an engineering and a business background, not only is Anson equipped with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, but also flourished decision-making, communication, and presentation capabilities. Apart from his work and study, he also dedicated his spare time to community affairs. The continued volunteering engagement over the decades proves his strong sense of responsibility and commitment. Holding key posts of various organisations and managerial roles in different working groups, he is considered to be a mature, well-organized, sophisticated, and dependable leader, who can adapt to unfamiliar situations and tackle problems under pressure.

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